Control Theory Publications of Kenneth Paul Baclawski

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  3. M. Kokar and K. Baclawski. Control theory based dynamic scan scheduler. Northeastern University. Sponsored by DARPA. (2000)
  4. M. Kokar and K. Baclawski. Control theory based distributed dynamic scan scheduler. Northeastern University. Sponsored by DARPA. (2000)
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  6. M.M. Kokar and K. Baclawski. Self-Controlling Architecture Structured Agents. In Workshop on New Visions for Software Design and Productivity: Research and Applications. Software Design and Productivity Coordinating Group of the Interagency Working Group on Information Technology Research and Development. (December 13-14, 2001) [pdf]
  7. Y. Xun, M. Kokar and K. Baclawski. Using a Control Architecture for Real-Time Dynamic Resource Allocation. Northeastern University, College of Engineering. (2002) [pdf]
  8. C. Matheus, M. Kokar and K. Baclawski. Phase I Final Report: A Formal Framework for Situation Awareness. Vistology. AFRL Funding Number: F30602-02-C-0039. (January, 2003)
  9. Y. Xun, M.M. Kokar and K. Baclawski. Control based sensor management for a multiple radar monitoring scenario. Information Fusion: An International Journal on Multi-Sensor, Multi-Source Information Fusion 5(4):49-63. Elsevier Science Publishers. (2004) [pdf]
  10. Y. Xun, M. Kokar and K. Baclawski. Using a Task-Specific QoS for Controlling Sensing Requests and Scheduling. In The 3rd IEEE Int. Sympos. Network Computing and Applications, pages 269-276. (2004) [pdf]
  11. K. Baclawski. Situation Awareness and Decision Making. Ontology Summit 2015. (February 12, 2015) [pdf]
  12. K. Baclawski. Applications of Self-Awareness, Situation Awareness and Feedback Control. College of Computer and Information Science, Northeastern University. Invited presentation. (May 19, 2015) [pdf]
  13. G. Berg-Cross and K. Baclawski. Semantic Interoperability in the GeoSciences. In Ontology Summit 2016: Framing the Conversation: Ontologies within Semantic Interoperability Ecosystems. (February 25, 2015) [links]
  14. X. Zhang and K. Baclawski. A Scalable Data, Knowledge and Processes Management System (SKPMS). Northeastern University. (2015)
  15. K. Baclawski, E.S. Chan, D. Gawlick, A. Ghoneimy, K. Gross, Z.H. Liu and X. Zhang. Framework for Ontology-Driven Decision Making. Applied Ontology 12(3-4):245-273. Retrieved on 16 December 2017. (2017) [pdf]
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